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  • What is Mass Communication, and what does it encompass?

    Mass Communication involves the study and practice of communication through various media channels, such as print, broadcast, digital, and social media. It covers areas like journalism, public relations, advertising, and more.

  • What career opportunities are available for Mass Communication graduates?

    Mass Communication graduates can pursue careers as journalists, editors, public relations specialists, social media managers, advertising executives, content creators, and more.

  • What are the admission requirements and eligibility criteria for the Mass Comm program?

    Admission requirements vary by institution but typically include a high school diploma or equivalent. Some programs may also require standardized test scores and a portfolio.

  • How long does the Mass Communication program typically take to complete?

    The duration of the program can vary but is often a three to four-year undergraduate degree.

  • What is BCA, and what are the core subjects or courses within the program?

    BCA is a program that focuses on computer applications, including subjects like programming, database management, software development, and web technologies.

  • What are the admission requirements and eligibility criteria for the BCA program?

    WAdmission requirements typically include a high school diploma with a background in mathematics and computer science for some institutions.


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