TV Production & Direction

Film Making Courses in Lucknow
Film Making Courses in Lucknow | TV Production Courses in Lucknow

TV Production & Direction

FIeMITS offering Film & TV Production Courses in Lucknow with an aims to enhance participants potential to achieve more.

The courses offered at Film Institute of e MITS impart the practical as well theoretical knowledge about TV Production, Documentary Making and film making according to the curriculum. During the course, students are imparted training in scripting of fiction and documentaries, movie making, camera operations, direction, video editing and post production. The course provides a coherent analysis of film & television direction and production. Students gain in-depth knowledge of researching, scheduling, budgeting and production. This course is suitable for someone who wants to test their skills in film direction. If some one wants to change their line of activity, they can choose this course, and test their skills in film direction.

From the moment the programme begins, students are involved in collaborative tasks which offer real-world training. Whether you're at the beginning of your journey looking for documentary ideas, or you're in the middle of production seeking tips on audiography, videography, lighting or interviewing, or just trying to figure out how to write a script, our faculty members will lead you throughout the course. The course is to groom students into the art of present-day Producing of film and Television projects.

Are you passionate about Film & Television? Do you have a firm understanding of what constitutes a great film? If so, then perhaps studying mass communication and journalism course would be a good idea. Course content will be both practical and theoretical in content. The complexity of film and TV production provides the opportunity for a diverse set of career paths. The Institute For Mass Communication and Journalism offers a qualitative design curriculum with state of art facilities and highly qualified professionals. The students come from a diverse culture and economic background with curiosity, creativity, self-motivation, and discipline. We look for the students who desire to grab professional development opportunities in the field of design to build their own careers in the field of film making and tv production. FIeMITS provide you a complete knowledge related to TV production and direction. Here courses are designed for anyone who wants to learn the tools to achieve a great career in the movie and television industry.