Radio Production & Jockeying

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Radio Production & Jockeying

Film Institute of e MITS provide valuable education where students can prepare themselves to get exposed to radio industry. The studio facility at the institute helps the students in get over all view of the studio and produce the product of their own. At FIeMITS, Radio Jockey is a short curriculum covered under mass communication studies. Radio Jockey is a complete package of a creative head, producer, and manager along with speaking skills and a little luck factor. Radio Jockey course offers excellent grounding in the theoretical and practical aspects of radio production. The student will be learning how to host talk shows where the RJ selects the right type of music to gel with the current theme of the ongoing chat / conversation or interview. Students will study the fundamentals of radio programming and editing. They will learn about the techniques of radio interview and analysis. We guide and prepare each student to excel in this exciting and creative job. Our thorough training will build your confidence and help you secure the coveted job of RJ.

Radio Jockey Courses in Lucknow

FIeMITS, College of Journalism & Mass Communication offers comprehensive training requisite for a career as a radio Jockey (RJ). Students gain training in verbal communication, creative thinking and audio technology. The course will improve your presentation skills, voice quality, creativity, communication skills and presence of mind. Students of the course spend most of their time learning and practicing production of individual radio shows at our well equipped audio station. Faculties for the course are successful professionals with huge experience in both industry and academia. They are committed to share their skills to encourage new talent. To become a good radio jockey, research is the key, like in every other field. You need to listen to good radio jockeys so that you can understand their style and later, with practice, develop your own. You need to understand what the masses need and give them just that. What matters the most in this career path is, obviously, your voice. Your diction and pronunciation should be clear. You need to know how to modulate the pitch and tenor of your voice. For different radio programmes, you will have to modulate your voice differently, so you must keep that in mind. If you possess the required skills and experience, you will have a number of job opportunities where you can show off your skills. There are a number of private players.

Radio Production course has been drawn to provide the students the knowledge of Radio, as a medium. It provides understanding and concept development about Radio Broadcasting which includes the growth of radio, Grammar & aesthetics, understanding sound and production. After completing the mass communication and journalism course which includes radio broadcasting, you'll have access to many entry-level positions in radio broadcasting and radio production. Specific careers might include Radio disc jockey (DJ), Broadcast production assistant, Radio technician and many more. Are you looking for a Course in Radio Production? The course is available at FIeMITS, interested students can apply for the course.