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We at FIeMITS within the mass communication and journalism course train our students to become a professional photography artist. Photography is a field which has the most exciting aspect owing to the wide variety of jobs available in the market. The growth of communication network, advertising, media, fashion and revolution of the digital photography has increased the commercial value of the profession. Photography Course includes activity, strategy, process and art of creating and inventing still as well as moving photographs by recording radiation on a sensitive medium. Photography has become popular for recording events and data in science and engineering, and at crime scenes or accident scenes. If you wish to be a part and parcel of the glamorous field, you can work for fashion magazines, designers, advertising companies etc. Demand for the skilled photographers is more in newspapers and news channels to report daily events. A photographer can work as a freelancer or a photojournalist as well.

FIeMITS, Journalism Institute In Lucknow produce photographers that reflect on artistic aspects and develop competence in evaluating briefs with a critical eye to give best professional result expected. This course is ideally suited for people who want to take up professional photography very seriously. Our photography course aims to make the candidate photographer competent to face challenges in the professional world - from the ability and skills of photography to handling modern technology and managing people. And most important, it provides a personal interface with the industry, which is much required to get the initial break in the industry.

We provide a variety of specializations techniques in this course, here you will receive complete training on different types of Photography. You will be taught the basic theory and fundamentals of photography. At FIeMITS we believe that it is essential for one to be well-versed in the fundamentals. You will be trained to develop a creative approach to capture images with impact. This course covers all roles of photography from fashion, wildlife or candid wedding. This course will prepare students for the professional world and groom them to enter the industry with hands-on practical experience. Our course is designed in such a way, that our students won’t just learn theoretical part of photography but will also get a practical work experience.

With photography course you will have many career opportunities which include photography for newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, brands, corporates, fashion photography, wildlife photography and will help you make a great career in photojournalism. FIeMITS, the photography institute in Lucknow covers all genres of photography from basic to advanced photography learning. If you looking to pursue a career as a photojournalist, then apply for our mass communication and journalism course today.