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Mass Communication & Mass Media

FIeMITS, the Best Mass Communication and mass media institute in Lucknow is offering mass communication education to all those aspirants who want to have a great career in the field of Journalism. The expansion of media has enhanced the scope of employment in the field of journalism Mass Communication is a medium of dispersing information to a large number of people. The term is not limited to only journalism but spreads its branches to various other media fields including news writing, news reporting, film direction, TV production, photography, video graphy, radio production, development reporting, public relations, advertising, corporate communication, and the list continues. FIeMITS is a well known and reputed Mass Comm. Institute in Lucknow in respect of Computer and media studies.

Mass Communication & Media Courses in Lucknow

This course equips students with a broad understanding of the ever-changing fields of communication and media. The course encourages both individual and group approaches to creative communication solutions, ultimately paving the way for original work and diverse ideas. The Mass Communication and media course educates its students on print media, electronic media, multi media and social media. During the mass comm. course students will get to know about new media or web media, a form of media that are native to computers, computational and relying on computers for redistribution. Some examples of new media are telephones, computers, virtual worlds, single media, website games, human-computer interface, computer animation and interactive computer installations.

The course is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical approach to become a professional and develop scholarly skills. The qualified and experienced faculty at college along with the carefully designed and updated curriculum ensure that the students receive the best education and skills which can help them emerge as qualified professionals. Our students learn in a simulated environment to produce newspapers, create radio broadcasts, prepare TV news bulletins, run public relations campaigns, make video films, set up blogs, and work on social media platforms to ensure they are in step with the industry. We focus on training responsible reporters, editors, broadcasters, correspondents, columnists, and commentators of tomorrow.