Anchoring and Reporting

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Anchoring and Reporting

We at FIeMITS educate and train our students to become a professional.

Mass communication colleges in Lucknow are providing good learnings about anchoring and reporting in the field of mass communication and journalisms, and FIeMITS is one of them. In today’s day and age, Media and Communications, in general, have caught the minds of many for pursuing a career in this field. Making a career in mass communication also depends on getting into the right mass communication institution that is legitimate and approved by either of the regulatory bodies in India. With the increasing popularity of the broadcast journalism and media, the task of news reading, anchoring, TV reporting and presenting a program has become highly challenging.

At FIeMITS we provide practical experience by letting them do live coverage, development reporting, live reportings and anchoring during their course. For making a career in TV Anchoring, one needs to be spontaneous & witty minded, have a great knowledge of current affairs, know the art of anchoring, unique presentation style & camera friendly face. A bachelor's degree in journalism, communications or a related field is generally the first step in becoming a news anchor or a television anchor.

The Anchoring and news reporting course is designed to train students in theory and practical aspects of television and digital media. Students will get option to learn from academics as well as industry professionals. The course opens great career opportunities for students to become reporters, producers, television anchors, hosts and media professionals in the top television and satellite channels. This course equips the students with the skills needed and demanded to become an efficient & effective reporter for print and electronic media and succeed in this competitive, fast-moving and rewarding career world.

News reporting and anchoring is a specialized skill that is much in-demand in the world of Journalism. Program anchors specialise in entertainment programs such as award shows, music & dance shows, comedy shows, reality shows, cooking, sports, crime reports, talk shows and debates etc. Anchors keep the audience engaged with the aim to elicit maximum response. As a TV news anchors they have to coordinate news broadcasts, do news reading and use their public speaking skills to accurately and concisely deliver the news to a viewing audience. We at FIeMITS teach and train our students to cover newsworthy events as a media professional. We also provide practical experience by letting them do live reportings during their course. During the course, the student is able to recognize newsworthy stories and to report that news with ease and confidence. We at FIeMITS educate and train our students to be passionate, enthusiastic, charged up and retain detailed knowledge of issues.